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The luxurious feel and timeless beauty of hardwood floors are what make them the king of all floors. Entrust your hardwood floors to the real pros.
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The Only Flooring Service Provider That Can Improve the Look and Feel of Your Property

It’s best to have impressive and alluring flooring, especially if you have visitors coming. However, making it possible isn’t easy. You need proper knowledge and skills to manage everything. If you do nothing, don’t force yourself. Instead, call out a reputable flooring service provider like FTGU Inc.. We can work on your behalf and give you the exceptional services and results you need. If you’re in Ottawa, ON, we can help you immediately. Book an appointment today!

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Tiling Service

Tiling Service

Do you like having tiles on your kitchen floors? Or do you want to install a new one in your bathroom? Wherever you want to install it, you better ask for help from experts like us. We offer incredible tile floor crack repair and installation services. We can finish the job in a given time. What are you waiting for? Use our professional tiling service to see impressive outcomes.
Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Many people like wooden floors because of their aesthetic and classic vibe. Although it is easy to install and maintain, it isn't always like that in real life. There are situations that only professionals can handle, especially if you want a professional finish. You can hire our team today since we offer an impressive wood floor installation service. Turn to our team now!
Laminated Flooring

Laminated Flooring

Aside from wooden flooring, laminated ones are also popular these days. Thus, like any other flooring material, dealing with it without any knowledge is challenging, especially for amateurs. So you may need to ask for help from a trusted company like us. We offer home floor installation and repair services that could guarantee a professional finish. So book an appointment today!
Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation

Installing drywall may seem easy on tutorial videos you see online. But in real life, it's the total opposite. DIYs may be easy for experts, but for amateurs, you better prepare yourself for the worst. You can always rely on us whether you need assistance finishing your house drywall job or if you want an experienced professional to handle the project from beginning to end. 
Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Repairing your drywall isn't like a walk in the park. So don't be like a soldier who goes to war without a weapon. You'll compromise your health and property. The best thing to do is to call experts like us. We'll do everything to fix and patch your drywall. Whether you have small water damage or large wall holes, our team will produce better results than any amateur work.
General Construction

General Construction

Construction, in general, is not an easy task to do. It's one of the most complex and time-consuming jobs in the world. That's why if you have projects in mind, hire experts like us. We can work wonders and give you what you need. We have the skills, knowledge, state-of-the-art tools, and resources necessary to guarantee a successful building experience. 
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by Sallie Becker on FTGU Inc.
Smooth and Easy Transaction!

Working with this flooring service company is the smoothest and easiest so far. They're incredible in any way. That's why I have no regrets. They did everything they could to surprise and impress me and never disappoint me. This company is a must-try!

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Perks of Taking Advantage of Our Service

You should rely on us for many reasons. One of which is because of our experience and capabilities to help you with your flooring needs. With us in the scene, you can get what you want without spending a grand. Our superb flooring solutions will make your property comfortable, safe, and attractive as well as improve its market value. Hire us to enjoy!

How Do We Work?

We work rapidly and professionally. That’s why our clients keep coming for more. Aside from that, we have numerous deals and free estimates. So you can surely get what you deserve. You can talk to us and discuss your project and we’ll make sure to consider your preferences and budget. We’ll complete the flooring and construction project promptly and deliver outstanding results. Book an appointment today!

FTGU Inc. is the perfect flooring contractor to consider when you need one in Ottawa, ON. Call our team at (613) 704-3690 today to book an appointment!