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Floors are among the most noticeable parts of the property. It’s the first thing that people step in. That’s why it is nice to make it more presentable. However, dealing with anything related to flooring isn’t something you must handle and work with alone because of its tricky and risky nature. So if you need help with your floors, call a professional flooring contractor like FTGU Inc.. We can help you address all your flooring needs! Book an appointment today if you’re in Ottawa, ON.

Flooring Contractor

Flooring Contractor

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As a seasoned and licensed flooring company, we are proud to deliver exceptional flooring services that our clients like and love. We’ve been making such moves for over 35 years and weren’t planning to stop any of them. That’s why we remained on top. Now, if you like to know us and the services we deliver, we can give you the information you need. We have home floor installation and other services like tiling, hardwood flooring, laminated flooring, drywall installation, drywall repair, and general construction services. If you want to invest in one of our exemplary offers, get in touch with us right away!

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Our preferred company is best known for its optimistic and passionate moves and services. That’s why many people for over 35 years put their confidence in us. So if you need help, we offer incredible services, especially home floor installation. We can install whatever material you like. We have high-end tools that can help us make everything possible and guarantee your complete satisfaction. We pay close attention to every┬ádetail to bring the project to completion.

FTGU Inc. is the perfect flooring contractor to consider when you need one in Ottawa, ON. Contact our team at (613) 704-3690 today to book an appointment!


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  • Laminated Flooring
  • Drywall Installation
  • Drywall Repair
  • General Construction